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Tech Investment Group INC., provides empowering services that help you spend less time managing your organization’s IT infrastructure and more time using it.

My name is Jason Bishop.  Over the last two decades, I’ve built many relationships with some of the most well respected technology experts in the industry.  I hope you’ll allow me and my vast array of IT specialists to take your startup organization to the next level, but first, an introduction to my IT business history.

I became fascinated with IT at age 13, when I began delving into programming reference books and writing my own software.  I was entranced by it all — MSDOS, Basic, C++.  You name it, I read about it.  I began to create non-graphic games, a baseball card inventory program, and my personal favorite — software to pick winning lottery numbers.  That’s some big ambition for a young kid.  Predictably, I never won the lottery, but my ambition never wavered.

In 1999, when Amazon.com was merely an online bookstore, I opened several online retail destinations, focusing on merging online retail with organic SEO.  I engaged in what’s now termed “affiliate marketing,” working with many Fortune 5000 brands.

Subsequently, I generated more traffic than Amazon could handle, and was frequently kicked off of hosts due to traffic.  Single-handedly, I broke the Amazon API.  What I did then seems logical now, but at the time, organic SEO was unprecedented.  The timing of my venture, immediately following the dotcom bust, led a lot of friends and colleagues to question why I would get involved in such a thing.  Why would anyone shop online when it’s just as easy, not to mention instantly gratifying, to shop in brick and mortar stores?  I wonder if they would make such a statement now. 

At the time, I lived and breathed SEO, fascinated by the results it returned. I loved the idea of reverse engineering a search engine's algorithm.  As a result, in many cases, my retail sites ranked higher than that of major retailers for their own brand name items.

The secret to my success was reverse engineering the major search engines, and duplicating the results for my own retail sites.  For all intents and purposes, I was a one-man show not only able to compete with large brands, but in many cases, able to outcompete major brands with hundreds of employees on staff and millions of dollars in their pockets.  In just a five-year span, I generated over $25 million in sales for my Fortune 5000 clients and became one of the elites in affiliate marketing.

I embarked on my next venture in 2008, creating a company to help small businesses compete with major brands in web design and marketing.  I was disappointed to discover that many of my clients were stubbornly unwilling to follow through with the advice I gave.  There’s nothing more frustrating for a consultant who is an expert in the field than to have clients unwilling to pursue their plan, but every failure also comes with success.  The clients who followed my advice at that time found themselves leaders in their niche, a merit that continues through to today.

One client, in particular, stands out in my memory as a prime example of the success that can be reaped when hard work and dedication are paired with my ability to guide and direct.  When the client approached me, they offered $500 for a website I was offering for $2,500.  Instead of selling them the site, I designed a one-page site of their own.  As a startup businessman, the customer eventually turned into one of my best clients, primarily because he willingly listened to, and followed, the direction I gave.

Each time he made a profit, he reinvested, followed the plan I created for him, and ended up with a unique business concept in a competitive niche that separated and elevated his ideas from the rest in his field.  My client, who only had a mere $500 for his startup website, became the owner of a company that went on to become one of the most successful companies in his market.  In just five years, he went from unknown entrepreneur to business owner of an organization listed in Franchise 500, Forbes Top 100, Fortune 5000, and Inc 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in America.  The key to his success was his willingness to work with my directive and his ability to continually reinvest and recreate the business.

It’s now 2017, and I’m looking to take another startup to the next level.  If one of my clients, who started with just a $500 investment, a willingness to build upon his investment, and an ability to follow my insights, now owns and runs a multi-million dollar international brand, there’s no reason you can't be next.  You can, and I can help you get there.